Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 28: Drawing to a close...

Wow, the last few days snuck by. I can't believe I'm facing the first day of March tomorrow. Maybe this is the culmination of the past few weeks, even months, leading to this new beginning. When we come to the end of ourselves, it's often there we find the world we never expected to find. It is here I find myself, waiting on my Lord to see what it is He's going to do in the midst of these circumstances. Today I was reminded through another, encouragement in the form of one who well knows the prayer we share, "Give us this day our daily bread." So, for today, thank You for Your blessed provision and hand upon me. Tomorrow will worry about itself. May it then be the same prayer uttered and received, "Give us this day our daily bread."

And I'd give anything for a mechanical typewriter right now. I have an idea I'm going to try and flesh out as soon as I can find one. On working, and one in pieces would certainly provide the necessary components. Guess we'll see if and where it comes from. Cheers! Farewell from February...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 25: comrade in arms...

As long as I can remember, I've been a fan of stories. I used to make myself sick reading in the back of the car on winding mountain roads, refusing to stop until I couldn't bear it any longer. This path led me to discover the wonders of fantasy in the world of Lloyd Alexander and his young hero, Taran. We watch as Taran's world expands and as old and new friends join him to challenge and aid him in facing the trials of ever changing circumstance.

Among these comrades he meets Eilonway, a fairly talkative and sometimes pushy princess. As you can guess, this relationship develops into something more despite the ignorance inherent in the young. I was enraptured. I could think of little else I wanted than for the two to fall in love, save that he also need win against the evil encroaching upon the land.

So it has been with story after story, echoing a longing and joy in my heart. That of love, and the picture of a comrade in arms to face the adventures of life with me. The women who have appealed to me throughout the wealth of myth have never been ones to remain faceless at home. They've walked the path with the man they loved. They have strengths and gifts all their own that make them invaluable allies. It is not to say that this is not sometimes accomplished on a different front than the one he fights, but there is always a united effort in service to a common destiny.

The two become one. The life is shared, as is the adventure, and together they face challenges known and mysteries unknown. It is this very special relationship found in a lifetime companion to walk the road. Side by side, every onward, from beginnings to end... friends, comrades, lovers.
What an incredible dream! What hope for the day when this is real in my life. And even moreso, hope for the day when the men and women of this very real world would do more than long for the love of legend and myth, but rather, they would come to live it!

Together, comrades in arms...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 24: squirming in my seat...

"There's always something to do." These words have often been found in the mouth of my managers and bosses. It's almost true in context, but not always. I tend to frown on busy work as being productive so about the third time I've re-cleaned the counter it's way past overdone.

However, there is a certain truth in those words. I wish I was better at living them out. I've learned it's far easier to react to things and respond than it is to initiate and make things happen. And in our society, there aren't many initiators. This leaves us squirming in our seats and uncertain what to do next when things don't seem to be happening. Yes, even leaves us bored.

Now there are times where we have to wait, where we can do no more toward a specific goal, but that doesn't mean there aren't other things to pursue or do. So next time you or I find ourselves bored, squirming in our seats, because nothings been happening, maybe we should step out on the path of a dream and begin a new journey. Will you make something happen?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 23: Fructuous

Fructuous - fruitful, productive

The very thing I'm striving to be. Today didn't start well, but it's been a hive of activity, mostly useful, since then. It feels good to be able to check things off the list as accomplished!

Stella was bored. The coffee shop just wasn't doing it for her today. Not to mention, Olympic hockey in the background wasn't exactly her background noise of choice. Even the endlessly repeating cycle of the new classics that usually played would have been an easier sell. But she still sat there, facing a computer screen that had gone past the point of yielding anything useful as she surfed through blogs, news and the buzz of hum drum chat that always served as a distraction. Her finger sliding dully across the touchpad, the cursor slipped up to bookmarked favorites. One last click, one final stop, one last daily dalliance. The page quickly loaded, and her eye traveled where she knew it would be. What she wasn't expecting was the accusation against the doldrums of the past hour staring back at her. There it was, the word of the day: fructuous - fruitful, productive. 'Oh well', she thought as she roughly shut her laptop, 'better late than never.'

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 22: direction...

Work ethic... good.
Direction... necessary.
Good work ethic without direction is often pointless busyness that may take us far from our purpose, far from the place we're intended to be. Be careful not to build the wrong house.

"Methinks there's a chance of rain. The bones be achin'."
The wizened captain laughed.
"Methinks you're right", he replied to the old seaman. "The patter o' heav'nly feet tells me so."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 21: after a break...

This whole not having internet thing at home can be hellish on trying to write online. Of course, that in itself shows that I have not set planned time aside to write over the past three days. Must finish, and finish well, so I've been with some work including the beginnings of song lyrics. Alas, those I am not posting here, but it was some bit of writing over the past few days.

Been feeling the pressure of a fairly disjointed life, where all the pieces don't exactly line up. I'm not sure right now how to view this. I may be doing too much. Then again, it's also showing me that where many people use their job, a security in and of itself and the provision for everything else, as the central theme to tie all of it together. Indirectly, if nothing more. But shouldn't that position belong to God instead? Even the job should be an extension from Him as the central axis. I don't think I realized how much I've depended on my job for security until I've gone so long without one. And without one on the horizon, still I watch and wait. But I must wait for my provider... not a 40-50k a year position and a 401k with benefits, but Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. For that is the true foundation. I pray I come to understand it completely as my true foundation.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 17: Musing in the midst of other writing...

I've been surprised to discover a demotivating danger in my writing. Sadly, it's tied to lack of planning and proceeding only out of some vague idea of what's ahead. The more I write, and write, and write, putting word to page, the more I get bogged down in the hum drum of the characters life. And face it, if we were a character, and our day were a word for word account much of it would bore us to tears.

This is where I found myself, staring at pages of story and unwritten pages of story, wondering where the next event of import would be in the lives of my characters. What do I need to tell the reader that is pertinent to the story, because it's going to take longer than a few days of activity for the development I'm looking for to take place.

In many ways, a good story is like one season in the history of a team, a snapshot of one great moment in a lifetime, and maybe, just maybe, a great story is the highlight reel that encompasses the best moments to most showcase the struggle, the tragedy, the passion, the best and worst - those things that mark the defining moments leading to season's end and victory.